What is the Women Awake Experience?

Transformative & Proven Teachings that Reunite Women with the Powers of Their Womb

The Women Awake Experience is an integrative model of learning that provides pathways for women to recover, nourish and activate the treasured capacities that already live in their bodies - for their own health and well-being and that of the planet. Reuniting and understanding their cyclic nature becomes a grounding and a navigational tool for their lives. Womb wisdom is awakening worldwide and invites you to claim your authentic sovereignty and leadership in the world.

Wake Up within the circle of women to what your DNA already knows.

THE CONTENT: Intellect & Arts

A multi-dimensional model combining the intellect and the intelligence of the arts to help women integrate these wisdom teachings into their bodies (not just their brains!)

  • Re-claim the foundation of your Whole Cycle from menstruation to menopause

  • Awaken and apply Cycle Wisdom in every area of your life

  • Re-new your relationship with Sensuality, Sexuality and Sacred Sex

  • Clarify your life vision and intention through embodied experience

  • Re-turn to the support of an Intergenerational circle of women

  • Learn practices that develop your innate confidence and natural leadership

  • Re-connect your body with the earth-body


How will you or your organization choose to change, grow and wake up?



Geared to leaders and organizations, these customized programs re-align and re-new the creative force in yourself and your team and guarantee to support the evolving needs of your company in a changing world.

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Gather with like-minded women and bring the trans-formational teachings of Women Awake to you and your group so that women’s health and healing can be optimized. Choose a format best for your group.



If you are experiencing dynamic change or seek guidance for your personal journey, Therese offers strong support, wise counsel, practical tools and healing for your body and mind.

This class wasn’t just a glass of water in the desert. It was the whole damn ocean.
— A.J.


Women Awake uses the body as a vehicle for learning. In this feminine approach, each person’s full-bodied presence also becomes a ‘teacher.’ This ineffable mix of safety, integrative learning, shared power and compassionate dedication magically makes information transformational. The body awakens to a ‘knowing’ that words can’t describe.

“ I cannot put into words what this class has done for me. I can only say that it has changed profoundly - the way I see the world and my place in it.
— - R.H.