Do you feel the tug of your heart calling for a change but you’re too overwhelmed or scared to respond?

Have you drifted from your feminine essence and conformed to living a life that’s not your own?

Or are you in the throws of abject grief and have lost a sense of belonging?

Are your body pains sending you messages you can’t decipher?  

For 30 years Therese has met people in these places of dynamic change using a multi-dimensional approach to support them in their innate capacity to heal and awaken themselves. She’s an exceptional teacher, compassionate hands-on healer and a keen guide to help you weave your wisdom. Supported by decades of training and experience in the body-mind connection, she is passionate about helping you fully inhabit your body and your one precious life. 


All sessions are personalized to your evolving needs and abilities and may include:

  • Transformational coaching in person or online

  • Therapeutic bodywork (hands-on or long-distance healing)

  • Learning and being accountable to daily whole-health practices that might include: making your cycle conscious, breath techniques, practices to transform thoughts and emotions, mindful movement and foods for the body, senses and soul.


  • In-person or online sessions for an hour or hour and a half

  • On-going sessions - three to six months packages offered at reduced rates. Your health and well-being is the center of your life. Committing to yourself in this way creates a strong container for healing, accountability and change. Your’e worth it.

  • FREE first half hour to meet and decide upon a plan that is best for you