Therese Jornlin is an exceptional teacher and healer focusing on human being in a land of human doing. She’s a weaver of wisdom who can masterfully take information and translate it for people into embodied transformation that helps them heal their bodies, love their lives and positively impact their communities.

Therese graduated from Duke University and received her M.A. in Theology from Loyola University. Her life-long interest in the connection between the body and the mind propelled her into extensive studies in therapeutic bodywork, Svastha Yoga, medical qi gong, meditation and the like (way before these ancient traditions became brand names!) In 1997, she ‘happened’ upon a talk titled FEMALE EMBODIMENT by Tamara Slayton that rocked her inner world awake and challenged her to face and heal what it means to be female in this culture. She’s been privileged to study with internationally recognized teachers and counts her 3 children and her students as some of her premier teachers. 

Resourcing her studies, her multi-dimensional perspective and her life experiences, she developed two original curricula that have received recognition and requests to expand. While both Women Awakeand Breath As Medicine are original curricula, they are rooted in the ancient wisdom teachings of indigenous cultures. 

Whether she is teaching, consulting, lecturing or working one-on-one, her mission is to aid the embodied empowerment of each individual and awaken our dynamic connection with each other and the earth.

Therese’s training is vast and her heart is bigger. She helped me heal in body and mind and also gave me tools so that I could help myself. I feel lucky to have found her.
— R.B.